Dr. Tobias Brosch


I am a Machine Learning Development Specialist for Autonomous Driving at BMW Car IT GmbH in Ulm. This page maintains my former university web page. Please feel free to contact me via Linkedin.


  • 2016-2019: Machine learning development specialist for autonomous driving and next generation multi-modal user interaction at BMW Car IT GmbH
  • 2016 (Jan-June): Postdoctoral researcher at Ulm University
  • 2015: Research intern IBM – Almaden (cognitive computing group)
  • 2010-2015: Phd student at Ulm University (studentship of “Graduate School Mathematical Analysis of Evolution, Information and Complexity”)
  • 2006-2010: Diploma Mathematician
  • 2006: Community Service
  • 2005: Abitur (Simpert Kraemer Gymnasium Krumbach)

Research Interests

  • Object classification/pattern recognition
  • Deep learning
  • Autonomous driving
  • Simulation
  • Driving strategy
  • GNSS positioning
  • Training simultaneous recurrent neural networks
  • Neuromorphic computing
  • Visual routines
  • Neural dynamics
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Machine learning
  • Asynchronous event based sensing
  • Computer vision

Work Experiences/Teaching/Certifications

  • 2017: Certified LeSS Practitioner
  • 2017: ISO 26262 based BMW Group Standard GS 95014 Training
  • 2017: Professional Scrum Master I (scrum.org)
  • 2016: ADTF Training
  • 2013: Work collaboration with Prof. Dr. Pieter Roelfsema at the Netherlands Institute of Neuroscience (1 month)
  • 2012-present: Sports instructor at  “Hochschulsport Ulm University
  • 2011-2014: Teaching assistant of “Natural Computation”, “Computer Vision 2”, “Information Processing in the Brain”, “Introduction to Computer Science” (Prof. Dr. H. Neumann, Prof. Dr. G. Palm)
  • 2010/11: Teaching assistant of “Object Oriented Programming with C++” (Dr. A. Borchert)
  • 2007–2009: Working as Tutor and typesetting two mathematical lecture notes of Prof. Dr. Spodarev in LaTeX.
  • 2008/2009: ”Studentische Hilfskraft” at the ”Institut für Angewandte Informationsverarbeitung” University Ulm. Creating web-services to access a java-application.
  • 30. Aug 04 to 3. Sep 04: Voluntary internship at AAI-Development-Services section MS2—elementary bioanalytical methods for quantitative determination of active pharmaceutical ingredients in biology matrices by using LC-MS respectively GC-MS.



  • Brosch, T., Elshaarany, A. (2019) Object Detection and Classification on Heterogeneous Datasets. ICPRAM 2019 (to be published)


  • Brosch, T., Grünwedel, S. and Connette, C. (2018). Facets of the Usage of high-precision digital Maps for Driver Assistance and Autonomous Driving. VDI 2018.



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  • May 2017: Digital Hackathon BMW (big data analysis)
  • July 2016: Promotionspreis of the Ulmer Universitätsgesellschaft
  • 2015: Nomination for GI-Dissertationspreis of the Gesellschaft für Informatik
  • November 2014: Invitation to IBM’s Cognitive Systems Colloquium in Almaden (on Truenorth’s architecture developed in DARPA funded SYNAPSE project)
  • June 2010: Achieved studentship of “Graduate School Mathematical Analysis of Evolution, Information and Complexity” (University of Ulm).
  • 2006: Participation at “Jugend forscht”—area mathematics/informatics— attained exceptional award of fundamental research.
  • 2005: Participation at the Regionalwettbewerb “Jugend forscht”— area physics.
  • Jan. 2005: Participation at the TU-Munich AbiTUMath-program (exponential functions on time-scales).
  • Sep. 2003 and 2004: Reached 2. round in Federal Republic of Germany selection process of 35. and 36. international physics olympiade.